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Registering for Events

Registering ahead of time for a Sacred Grounds event helps our staff better prepare for our game by giving us an idea of how many players and NPCs we will have available to us. This allows us to take numbers into consideration when planning our events and purchasing supplies and props. Players that are interested in NPCing for a full weekend will be allowed free of charge.

Please Check Back Later To Register

Upcoming Events for 2024

Camp Lackawanna

2024 Dates


April 5-7

May 3-5

June 7-9

August 30-Sept 2 (3 night event, 10 year Anniversary!)

September 27-29 (New Player Event)

October 18-20

November 15-17

Refund Policies

If you have pre-registered for an event and find yourself unable to attend, there are a few options. One, if the pre-registration deadline has not yet passed, we can fully refund your registration. After this time period is over, if you are unable to attend you can either: 1) Keep the XP you would have earned as if you attended the event or 2) Roll the registration forward to the next event that you are able to attend.

An exception to this is NPC Opt-Out. Unfortunately, NPC Opt-Out acts as a ticketed option that is only good for the event that you purchase it for and can only be refunded if the pre-reg deadline has not passed. As such, it cannot be rolled forward. If you miss an event you purchased an opt-out slot for, you are unfortunately out of luck. You can, however, transfer the opt-out to another player that is attending. If you find yourself unable to attend an event you have purchased opt-out for, we highly suggest attempting to contact another player and working out a way to transfer it to them. The reason for this is that opt-out is a limited stock-ticketed event and, as a result of that being purchased, someone else that attended the event was unable to purchase it for that event. Rolling it forward or refunding it after others are unable to purchase it is not possible.

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