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Orders and Payment

Month of May 2024

Primary Registration

Primary Registration is the cost to play one character for the weekend. The base price for Primary Registration is $60. Purchasing additional XP costs $10 per point (up to three points). If this is your first event, you should instead use the “New Player Registration”. Registering for a weekend event also requires a 3 hour NPC shift and participation in a clean-up duty. If you pre-reg you will receive a bonus to a Resource Pool of your choice: +5 IP/AP/MP/SP or +1 EP.

Secondary\Tertiary Character Registration

If you would like to play and earn XP on a second or third character at a Sacred Grounds event, you may add this to your cart in addition to your Primary Registration. Purchasing XP on a Secondary/Tertiary character is discounted to $5 per point (up to 3 points). A Secondary/Tertiary Registration costs $15.

New Player Registration

Are you a new player to Sacred Grounds? Take advantage of paying a reduced cost for your first event. The base price for a New Player is $20. Purchasing additional XP costs $10 per points (up to three points). Registering for a weekend event also requires a 3 hour NPC shift and participation in a clean-up duty. 

If you have any questions about your first event please feel free to contact our New Player Marshal at

Colonist's Promotion

This earns you the following

  • 20 CP to the player (enough to convert 2 XP for 1 character)

  • A potion that restores 20 HP and expires the following event (eg. purchase for the February 2022 event, it expires 3/22)

Single Period Registration

This registration option allows you to play a single PC character for one period during the event. The cost of Single Period Registration is $30, however you will only earn half the normal XP (3XP). If a player performs NPC duties for the second half of the event, they receive the normal 6 XP. Purchasing additional XP is $10 per point (up to three points). When you play for a single period, you cannot purchase a Secondary/Tertiary registration to play a second or third character, and you do not benefit from the refresh on Saturday. Registering for a single period also requires a 1.5 hour NPC shift and participation in a clean-up duty. 

PC’s complete a 3 hour NPC shift as part of their attendance at game. If you would like to Opt-Out of this, you can do so for $30. Please note that the number of NPC Opt-Outs are limited. You should not purchase Opt-Out without also pre-registering. Opt-Out is only available in pre-sale, not at the door.


Opt-Outs without a paired pre-reg will be refunded.

NPC Opt-Out

Full Weekend NPC

If you would like to come to Sacred Grounds and play as NPC roles and monsters all weekend, you may do so for free. If you intend to be a NPC for the full weekend, you may send an email to in order to gives us the heads up so that we may plan accordingly.


Additional Character Change

Normally you are only able to perform 2 character changes during a typical event. If you would like to change characters an additional time you may do so by purchasing this item for $10. You may only purchase this item once per event.

On-Site Bin Storage

You have the option of renting space in our storage shed in 1 yellow bin. Rentals are based on events and not months, with time durations for 3,6, and 9 events. You will be required to sign a rental agreement when you check-in at event that will go over the terms and agreements.

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