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A profession is a trade skill that requires some sort of special education or training. Characters with professions largely use them to take part in the player-run economy of Sacred Grounds, either by gathering materials to be used by crafters, or by taking those materials and creating finished goods for sale. Having multiple professions is both possible and encouraged, and while some classes give a benefit to certain professions, any character can partake of any profession, allowing the player to create a Fighter that studies alchemy, or a Druid that mans a forge.

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Alchemists are crafters that use flora and fauna to create potent, semi-magical items such as healing potions, exploding compounds, or even expensive dyes. Alchemists are also the creators of poisons and drugs. Finally, in higher tiers they can transmute metals and woods into different forms.



The Cook/Brewer makes everything from hearty meat meals to tasty desserts, to spicy teas, to delicious ales. These items perform a wide range of functions, including restoring pool resources. Cook/Brewers draw most of the ingredients they need from Hunters, Fishermen, and Farmers. Occasionally, items that explorers of the Pioneer profession also provide for Cook/Brewers, as well as other crafted items at times.

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The Doctor profession is less parts crafting and gathering and more parts service. While many classes can provide healing through spells, few spend their resources as efficiently as a doctor. Of course, there is the side effect of the healing taking time, which is only so useful in combat situations. Doctors are also able to counsel people through addiction or mental affliction, or develop cures to non-magical and persistent sicknesses.



Engineers have access to a plethora of crafting abilities, as well as the ability to use more advanced technology than the average character. The Engineer profession is reliant on almost all other professions to craft its items, but the payoff comes in the form of very powerful items that often mimic the power of magic. From bombs to guns to tech armor to architecture, choosing the Engineer profession is often a bigger choice for the course of your character than many other profession choices, defining them in the same way selecting Doctor would. Bear in mind that tech devices often do not mix well with magic items.



The Enhancer profession takes valuable jewelry and clothing and makes them magical, as well as creates enhancements to slot into other items. While the general craft skills of Tailoring and Jewelcrafting supply the Enhancer with valuable enough items to turn into magic devices, Miners provide the gems needed for enhancements.



Being a Farmer represents your ability to work in various aspects of farming. Farming is divided into three sub-sections: Animal Husbandry, which provides meat and leather, Crop Farming, which provides various crops, and Production Farming, which provides secondary animal or plant products like eggs, milk, spices or honey. At game, farmers are able to work on the shared town farm in exchange for a share of the goods that the farm produces. The better a farmer you are, the more goods you are entitled to each time you work. 



Fisherman send their line out there and hope for something good, gathering up fish by spending time near the pond or lake. This provides fish, alchemical components, or occasionally, treasure.



The Hunter profession provides the parts of various wild animals, from small game to deer to bear. Additionally, hunters gain the ability to produce some traps between games at check-in, and learn to both rig and disarm them. Additionally, they learn to harvest creatures and can identify natives in higher tiers with their keen sense of creature knowledge. They also may opt to learn to use guns later on.



The Miner profession is all about gathering one of the most important resources of the Sacred Grounds: Metals and Gems. Used to build everything from weapons, tech items, and enhancements, metal and gems are really the lifeblood of Banner Rest. While not the most glorious of professions, it is one of the most necessary.



The Pioneer profession is primarily a gathering and service profession. Pioneers can focus on acquiring different types of lumber, collecting and cataloguing flora and fauna, or trailblazing to make way for architects to build on land.



The Scholar profession collects and deciphers ancient lore scrolls of the first city of Aular, that provide keys to the past, present, and future (sometimes even granting special abilities to those that can read them) and learns to copy plans, rituals, and recipes. Arcane characters that become scholars can create spell scrolls that mimic spells from their own repertoire.



The Smith profession provides a wealth of crafting and repair services. Smiths make the majority of weapons and armor, as well as items such as Divine Foci. Having a few good smiths in town is essential to ensure that any damaged items are repaired quickly to get a town back in fighting shape. They can also maintain items before they break down.

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