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Archetypes & Classes

A character’s class is a fundamental part of determining his or her capabilities, both in and out of combat. Whether your character prefers the graceful art of archery, the reliability of a solid shield between them and their enemy, the intricacies of stealth, or the esoteric practice of magic, their capabilities are largely defined by his or her class. Classes may also affect whether your character receives a bonus towards certain professions.

Sacred Grounds has five basic archetypes: Arcane, Divine, Martial, Natures, and Skilled. Each character starts their career as one of the five, and quickly chooses a character class based on that archetype, further specializing their capabilities. Multi-classing is both possible and encouraged. There are also advanced classes within the world of Sacred Grounds, which serve to further specialize a character. Each advanced class has a list of prerequisites that the character must meet before they may take the class, such as a certain skill, a certain amount of points in a pool, a race, or membership within an organization.

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Arcane characters are those that solve their problems using the power of the Elemental Planes, Astral and Shadow Sea, the Underworld, and the Abyssal Realm. Freely used in much of the world, there remains some stigma on aspects of arcane magic, while other races shun its alien nature completely. Arcane characters begin by drawing power through the simplest of arcane arts, later tapping into the different schools of magic based on their choice of class.

Characters of the Arcane Archetype have chosen to make their lives about tapping into the mysterious power of other planes. The Arcane Archetype opens up into the Mage, Sorcerer, or Warlock class. Members of the Bara'kaa race may not choose the Warlock class but may instead choose the Rune Blade Class.



Divine characters gain their power through divine aid in some form or another. Their beliefs and their will drive their strength of spell and arms. Burning with holy energy, divine characters pray or meditate to gain power, spread the word of their power source, or embody that power through discipline alone. Fervent characters may have moments of intense role-play to defend their chosen faith, and may find that following the footsteps of a dogma rather than a personal code can weigh heavy on the soul.

Characters of the Divine Archetype choose to make their lives about following a religion, philosophy, or code that rewards them with magical power. The Divine Archetype opens into the Cleric, Priest, or Monk class. The Seraphim race may not choose the Monk class but they may instead choose the Justicar class.



Every sword needs a warrior to wield it, every bow a keen eye and steady hand to draw and fire, and every battlefield deserves its fair share of tacticians and bloodthirsty soldiers. The martial archetype is made up of those people that have dedicated their life to combat. Whether they be soldiers fighting under the banner of a country or church, mercenaries for hire, or simply men and women that spend their time honing skills in the name of honor or glory, martial characters are the core of any fighting force.

Characters of the Martial Archetype have chosen to commit themselves to fighting. The Martial Archetype opens into the Archer, Berserker, or Fighter class. The Totemic race may not choose the Berserker class but they may instead choose a special class, called the Savage.



Nature characters wield the three major aspects of Nature as their power. The first aspect, known as the Green, represents Aularia and all of the living plants and animals within. The second aspect, the Veil, represents the protective bubble of spiritual energy that surrounds Aularia, an invisible world of spirits working to affect the Green. Finally, the third aspect known as the Gray is the world governing natural death. Nature characters control the magic that emanate from these three aspects, and do so to defend the wild, work alongside it, or rarely, to subjugate it.

Player characters of the Nature Archetype make their lives about following the raw, unforgiving powers of the nature. The Archetype opens into the Druid, Mystic, or Shaman class. The Vaniiri race may not choose the Druid class but instead may choose the Pure class.



Skilled characters do not have the health of a fighter, nor the spells of mage. What they do have is the ability to be good at the things that make the world move: trade, crafting, picking locks, and getting out of trouble, to name a few. Still, if a political leader needs assassinating, these are the guys that can do it, and some of them are quite capable in combat as long as they have a buddy around to help them.

Player characters of the Skilled Archetype have chosen to make their lives about being really good at something, or in some cases just dabbling as a jack of all trades. The Skilled Archetype opens into the Assassin, Expert, or Rogue class. The Orc and Grob races may not choose the Expert class but they may choose instead the Laborer class.

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