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Camp Lackawanna

Event Feedback Form

After attending a Sacred Grounds event, if you have information you'd like to share with us you can do so using the form below, which includes some fields to help guide your feedback. Doing so is completely optional, but does help us with making better use of our time and resources at game.


Below are a few new forms we will be using going forward. These forms will be added to either the website, rulebook or other areas depending on the form to be regularly accessible. This will be addressed during our rules update within the next couple months.


First form is for Affiliation Community Day Sign-up. Please note their can only be one Affiliation Community Day per event and they are first come first serve. Please begin putting in requests for 2023 season so I can start organizing the calendar.

Second form is for in-between game role-play actions. Please note the rules and description listed on the form. It is risky trying to leave town in-between events and travel time won't allow most travel very far. That said there is no guaranteed plot or no rewards for in-between game actions but if you attempt to leave the town then you must submit it so we can address anything you might have run into. All submissions must be done 4 weeks before event during winter break and 2 weeks before event for any other event. Late submissions will not be considered.


The word doc attached and third form is for in-between and at game sendings and letters for NPCs. Please note that same rules apply as in-between game role play as far the 4 weeks and 2 weeks. Also note that there are fees associated which will be due at check-in. 

Sending Letter/Sending Ritual System

Sending Letters/Sending Rituals Form

The fourth form is the backstory submission form. If you would like to submit a backstory for review you can submit it here. It is not a requirement and we encourage lighter backstories if you are unfamiliar with the lore, but is good practice to make sure it fits with our lore and should be done before spreading around info in game that may conflict with game lore. It should be noted that no backstory stuff is guaranteed to make an appearance in game and is usually encouraged just as a setting for your character. We encourage character development and activities to take place throughout your game play and roleplay interactions. If you have any major concerns prior to game email me directly at


Thank you!

Direct Contact

Game Owner:

Contact the Game Owners for business related questions, information on opening your own SG game, or running a one shot LARP event.

Game Owner:

Contact the Game Owners for business related questions, information on opening your own SG game, or running a one shot LARP event.

Game Coordinator:

Contact the Game Coordinator for general game and logistical questions.

Head Storyteller:

Contact the Head Storyteller for questions related to world lore, races, religions, and story.

New Player Marshal:

The New Player Marshal assists new players to help them get into the game, assists with backgrounds, and is an advocate for the players in general.

Character Sheets:

This email is used for character sheet submissions only. In the subject line type, 'Real Name - Character Name' to help us sort the emails and identify yourself. This is also the email you should use if rewriting or retiring a character. Currently, this department is being run by Mike P.

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